“The kingdom of God is within you.” – Luke 17:21 “Seek and you will find.” – Matthew 7:7 ~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Mysticism: Seeking for truth within

For centuries Christian mystics have read and contemplated the Bible. In still, quiet aloneness, they have realized inner intuitive wisdom, which has revealed truths that are beyond that which is commonly taught by religious institutions. Sometimes these mystics were recognized as great saints. At other times, they were seen as heretics. Saint or heretic, those who have discovered That Which Can Be Revealed have one thing in common:  They know the love of God as That which they are.

Truth: It is always true

There is no separation between the love of God and the truth of what we are. It may not appear that way, but that is only because of what we have learned to believe. Take away the mistaken ideas that cause us to fear, judge, envy and crave, and perfect love is all that remains. Perfect love is our original truth.

Help: It is available

Many people seek to know divine love as a clear, constant and direct experience. If this is your desire, we support you in your quest. The Foundation for the Holy Spirit is here to help you as you awaken to the divine wisdom within. It is this wisdom that will guide you back to what you truly are.

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365 Thoughts of Awakening
~56~ I know nothing, and so I cannot lead. I can only follow. The choice I have is clear. I can follow the one that thinks it knows, but does not. Or I can follow the one that knows and loves all things. This is the choice that is mine. I must choose which voice to follow. The voice I choose, is the voice that I will hear. ~An affirmation of awakening given to us by our Holy Spirit