Minister Ordination Ceremony

Awakening Together Minister Ordination Ceremony – Audio & Photo

Twenty-one members were ordained as Awakening Together ministers in two ordination ceremonies this weekend.
February 27 Ordination Ceremony in Colorado
Wanda Almonte, Helen Avery, Kelly Barber, Carrie Rae Christiansen, Sherry Daves, Ken Gibson, Rebecca Gibson, Irene Graham, Share Murphy, Rubye Nasser, Hal Seeley, Karen Worth, Danielle Wright, and Francine Wright were ordained at a ceremony at the Awakening Together Winter Retreat in Colorado on Saturday, February 27.
February 28 Ordination Ceremony in the Awakening Together Sanctuary
Bartholomew Craig, Hank Hamilton, Deloris Mabins-Adenekan, Jane Polley-Bass, Jacqueline Tullo, Gloria Wells and Sandra Ruiz were ordained at an online ceremony in the Awakening Together Sanctuary on Sunday, February 28.
Listen to the 2/28 Ordination Audio
Photo from the 2/27 Ordination


Back row: Ken Gibson, Rebecca Gibson, Wanda Almonte, Francine Wright, Danielle Wright, Regina Dawn Akers, Jacquelyn Eckert. Middle row: Jay McCormick, Rubye Nasser, Kelly Barber, Irene Graham, Sherry Daves, Carrie Rae Christiansen, Hal Seeley. Front row: Share Murphy, Karen Worth, Helen Avery. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Congratulations to all of our new ministers!!