Inner Ramana

cropped-IMG_6654“Fear comes simply from not knowing reality. Therefore, the only answer to fear is to let go of what is false and to remember reality as true.” ~The Teachings of Inner Ramana

The Teachings of Inner Ramana:

Ramana Maharshi was an Indian sage who lived from 1879-1950. In his lifetime, Indians and westerners alike flocked to him at his ashram near Tiruvannamalai, India to sit in his presence. To those who met him, Ramana Maharshi was the embodiment of perfect love. Near the end of his life, when it became apparent that Ramana Maharshi’s body was dying, he said to those who were mourning, “”I am not going anywhere. Where shall I go? I shall be here where I am always.” Ramana Maharshi was the embodiment of love in this world. This love he called “the Self.” It is not only the Self that Ramana Maharshi was, but the Self that we all are. Ramana Maharshi only demonstrated that which is true for all of us. Love does not die. It is the one eternal fact. People may seem to come and go, but the truth that we are, which is beyond the personality, continues. It is the “eternal life” Jesus spoke of. It is “nirvana” as referred to by Buddha. The Teachings of Inner Ramana is a book that helps us transcend the idea we are limited body-personality-minds and helps us realize the eternal nature that is our truth. It teaches us about the false “I” thought, the idea “I am only this.” Using the path of devotion and the practice of self-inquiry, it leads to the Heart, the Self, “I am that I am” with direct simplicity. Practiced faithfully and consistently, one may find that no other spiritual book is needed. When Sri Ramana Maharshi’s body began to fail him, his devotees became concerned that their beloved teacher was leaving them. He responded by saying, “I am not going anywhere. Where would I go?” Ramana seemed to die in 1950, but in 2009 Regina began to hear him as her inner teacher. Although she had not studied this great sage, Ramana reached out to her. The clarity of his teachings is startling. He led Regina to the Heart, the Self, “I am that I am” with direct simplicity. – Paperback & audio book included. Study Inner Ramana with a teacher: Regina Dawn Akers is the scribe of The Teachings of Inner Ramana. She teaches Inner Ramana each Sunday evening at 7pm ET in our online gathering room. Those teachings are recorded and posted on her website for everyone. To listen to those teachings, click here.

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365 Thoughts of Awakening
~19~ You are at peace. Nothing in all of reality can destroy your peace. Anything within your mind, and anything that seems to be without, that seems to have the power to destroy your peace, has only the power you have given it. And that must mean, you are at peace. ~From our Holy Spirit