cropped-summer_2009_186“This is the way we walk together. It is the way of peace and great joy.” ~NTI Luke 4:31-32

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Foundation for the Holy Spirit is committed to helping individuals become Self-reliant with inner spiritual wisdom by providing an internet ministry, which consists of spiritual teaching, counseling and worship services, worldwide like-minded fellowship and other resources and services beneficial to that mission. Our primary website is:

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365 Thoughts of Awakening
~210~ When you listen, listen to the Heart. Not the human heart, which may dream but is still limited in its perspective. Listen to the Heart of all, which is connected to life and our one joy. Listen in silence for a moment. Ask the Heart what to do, how to respond, and what to say, if anything. When you ask the Heart with no personal attachment to the answer and with a desire only to do what the Heart would guide you to do, a clear answer can be given, because no other desire blocks the answer you most want to hear. ~From our Holy Spirit