cropped-IMG_0256-001“Each experience of love nudges us toward the Story of Interbeing, because it only fits into that story and defies the logic of Separation.”  ~Charles Eisenstein

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The Online Gathering Room is the center of Awakening Together. We join as a spiritual community through our online gathering room. The Awakening Together Weekly Gathering is a special time in the week reserved for the assembly of all members and friends. We join together online in musical celebration, interactive community, teaching, silence and contemplation. Each gathering is led by an Awakening Together minister. One member and an Awakening Together Administrator will assist in the gathering. Everyone is invited to participate at specific times during the gathering. Everyone is invited to join Awakening Together members and friends in Contemplation Together. You are invited to join us for Prayer Circle. Become a member – Join us.

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Both members and friends (non-members) are invited to be presenters in our online Sanctuary. Become a Presenter.

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365 Thoughts of Awakening
~175~ When you look at an idea that is false, look at it until you know it is false. Do not let yourself say, "This idea is false," when in truth you believe it is true. Hold the idea in your mind for the purpose of looking at it, trusting that it is false, until you see it is not true. When your own recognition sees the falseness of an idea that isn't true the idea and its mesmerism will begin to fade away. ~From our Holy Spirit