ACIM Conference in Las Vegas

Audio of the Talk Regina Dawn Akers Gave at the ACIM Conference in Las Vegas

Still Your Mind and Change the World  When one looks at the world, many complex problems can be seen. The world we see includes appearances such as neglect, abuse, murder, poverty, thievery, torture, disease, intolerant hatred and more. Is it really right to ignore these appearances and expect them to go away? Can we take helpful right-action? If so, what is right-action, and what adds to the manifestation of these appearances? These questions are addressed with absolute clarity in this audio, so that you can discover exactly how to be a Helpful Presence in the world while realizing your Ultimate Release.
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Minister Ordination Ceremony

Awakening Together Minister Ordination Ceremony – Audio & Photo

Twenty-one members were ordained as Awakening Together ministers in two ordination ceremonies this weekend.
February 27 Ordination Ceremony in Colorado
Wanda Almonte, Helen Avery, Kelly Barber, Carrie Rae Christiansen, Sherry Daves, Ken Gibson, Rebecca Gibson, Irene Graham, Share Murphy, Rubye Nasser, Hal Seeley, Karen Worth, Danielle Wright, and Francine Wright were ordained at a ceremony at the Awakening Together Winter Retreat in Colorado on Saturday, February 27.
February 28 Ordination Ceremony in the Awakening Together Sanctuary
Bartholomew Craig, Hank Hamilton, Deloris Mabins-Adenekan, Jane Polley-Bass, Jacqueline Tullo, Gloria Wells and Sandra Ruiz were ordained at an online ceremony in the Awakening Together Sanctuary on Sunday, February 28.
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Photo from the 2/27 Ordination


Back row: Ken Gibson, Rebecca Gibson, Wanda Almonte, Francine Wright, Danielle Wright, Regina Dawn Akers, Jacquelyn Eckert. Middle row: Jay McCormick, Rubye Nasser, Kelly Barber, Irene Graham, Sherry Daves, Carrie Rae Christiansen, Hal Seeley. Front row: Share Murphy, Karen Worth, Helen Avery. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Congratulations to all of our new ministers!!

An Awakening-Together Special Announcement


The United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has Formally Recognized Awakening-Together as a Church: 

Awakening-Together applied for church status under IRS Code 170(b)(1)(a)(i) on December 15, 2014.In July 2015, we received a letter from the IRS stating that a physical place of worship is required in order for an organization to be classified as a church under the IRS Code. However, this letter was not a final decision. It was a Request for Information. Awakening-Together was provided with the opportunity to show that we are a church based on United States law and legal precedent. Several people participated in creating our response to the IRS, including several members who wrote letters stating that Awakening-Together is your church of choice. On December 15, 2015, the IRS agreed with you by awarding Awakening-Together with formal church status. Thank you to everyone who helped in this process. That includes everyone who currently serves & previously served on our Member Board of Trustees and Board of Directors as well as every member who took the time to write a letter to the IRS on behalf of our application for church status. We appreciate your commitment to our church family!

Our Church Status is Approved !


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enlightenmentAll Awakening-Together members are invited to participate in the Minister Preparation Program (MPP). Our Minister Preparation Program is designed to help participants:
  • Increase reliance on their own inner spiritual wisdom
  • Recognize universal truth in various spiritual teachings
  • Embrace natural, wakeful spiritual practice with ease
  • Realize unswerving clarity and discernment

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