Expanding Circles

cropped-IMG_0554“If the center of the thought system is true, only truth extends from it.  But if a lie is at its center, only deception proceeds from it.”   ~ACIM

Circles of Energy:

Awakening-Together is committed to sharing wisdom and inspiration that is in harmony with our core values. Some ways we share wisdom and inspiration. Regina Dawn Akers Classic audio teachings – People listen to these again and again. They are classics. Therefore, they are archived for future reference. Recent audio teachings – These audios are archived for 3 months from the date of recording. NTI Study audios – These links go to audio recordings from the NTI Study Group in Pueblo, CO. The Teachings of Inner Ramana – The teachings received by Regina Dawn Akers. David Fishman – One Mind Foundation – A Worldwide Online Ministry for Healing & Oneness Our purpose is to provide an environment where the Curriculum of Love and shared interest is the underlying content. It is this focus and vigilance for all who choose this as their path, that heals the mind of its conditioning by the world’s curriculum of separate interests and division. Philip Frisk – A Blog Inspired by Oneness – Inspirations from the non dual teachings and philosophy of Oneness, and of the essential Divine Nature of man, as rooted in the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta. Our members express wisdom through writing, through audios and through videos on their personal blogs. They also share links to wisdom located elsewhere on the world-wide web. A full list of member blogs is archived on this page for your exploration and enjoyment.
365 Thoughts of Awakening
~19~ You are at peace. Nothing in all of reality can destroy your peace. Anything within your mind, and anything that seems to be without, that seems to have the power to destroy your peace, has only the power you have given it. And that must mean, you are at peace. ~From our Holy Spirit